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2014-01-05 05:06:44 by theblackeyes

Finally go the cintiq and new computer thingies so you can expect cartoons to come very soon! :D

Been Awhile! :P

2012-11-20 00:41:36 by theblackeyes

So anyways it's been awhile, I deleted all my movies for a fresh new start! And it's almost cyber Monday so I can buy my new tablet and start animating again. Looking forward to making those Odd world episodes from awhile ago and possibly some short cartoons hopefully with the tablet it will show improvement (A lot) instead of drawing with a mouse... well I hope I get something out before January. Trust me I won't be lazy doing my movies and stuff now, that was the old "blackeyes" ha-ha. happy thanksgiving!


2012-02-14 21:43:06 by theblackeyes

sorry i havent uploaded anything in forever its just ive been very busy i have 3 projects Our Regular Days,Odd Shorts,and a Madness cartoon oh and by the way i finally got a job so ill be workin 4 days a week for the next 6 monts to get the Wacom Cintiq 21ux , a 27 inch Mac ,and a copy of flash cs5 my parents will be helping me so i think my cartoons will be alot better if i get all those but for now i stick with this crappy laptop so sorry ive been gone and be patient okii?

Happy Madness Day!

2011-09-22 18:02:31 by theblackeyes



2011-08-31 18:44:28 by theblackeyes

well school is finally here so i wont has as much time to animate soooo yeah

meh it a random post?

2011-08-05 21:09:55 by theblackeyes


meh it a random post?


2011-08-01 16:21:43 by theblackeyes

now im curently working on two animation projects the first one is "ODDshow pilot" and the second one is called "our normal dayz" its 3 short stories about my child hood and true weird stories that happend and finally i got ads running in my flash animations so i win money!!!



2011-07-27 00:30:40 by theblackeyes

im sorry if you didint like the first episode of oddshow soo im remaking all my characters and make it more funnyier and spend more time on it so starting today im making a pilot of the new series im going with its the same characters just more better tell me in the comments section if your looking foward to the pilot of the new ODDshow coming sometime next month....:)


its almost done

2011-07-16 00:22:59 by theblackeyes

ODDshow Episode 2 is in its final editing stages all i have to do is add backround songs add sound effects and move the vcam to its right positions and fix a few choppy parts and im done it wont take forever but just wanted to hand out an update...

its almost done

Happy robot day!

2011-07-10 22:29:19 by theblackeyes

well the subject says it all